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Mac owners buy more music?

I love the way people look at things differently. An example from today: NPD reported that 50 percent of Mac users have legally purchased music, while only 16 percent of PC users have:

Leading consumer and retail information provider The NPD Group revealed today that consumers who own Apple Mac computers are much more likely than PC users to pay to download music. According to NPDs quarterly Digital Music Monitor, in the third quarter of 2007 half of all Mac users had paid to download music tracks from sites like iTunes, but just 16 percent of PC owners had done so. And while Mac users were more likely to pay to download digital music than their PC-using counterparts, they were also more likely to purchase CDs.

This was picked up all over the place, naturally. As in, Why Do Mac Owners Buy More Music? For starters, they don't, as a group. 16 percent of the PC market is much, much higher than 50 percent of the Mac market. So PC users, overall, actually legally buy a lot more music than do Mac users. The vast majority of music purchased from Apple's own iTunes Store, of course, comes from PC users as well.

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