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For the love of Windows Home Server

Great post by Scott Hanselman about his experience recovering a PC with Windows Home Server:

I bought an HP MediaSmart Windows Home Server last Christmas, and haven't thought much about it since. It sits on the shelf and is pretty.

Actually, that's not totally true, I did upgrade it to Power Pack 1 recently, but that was a 10 minute thing. For the most part, it's a conversation piece on a shelf in my new(ish) home office.

Now, the story ... [PC dies, he replaces hard drive, restores using WHS] ... Boom. It's back. Total time elapsed, with drive swap, ISO download and burn was like 35 minutes. If I'd downloaded the ISO back when I got PP1 like I should have, it would have been a 15 minute operation. Problem solved, and I'm the hero.

Yeah. I love WHS too, Scott. Good stuff.

Thanks to Scott B. for the link.

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