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Live Mesh is in beta … with Mac and Windows Mobile support

I should have dropped a note about this a while ago and of course I’m behind in writing about it formally. (There’s just so much going on right now.) Anyway, Live Mesh has moved from Tech Preview to Beta and is now available on Macs and Windows Mobile devices. I’ve installed it on my Macbook but will try the Windows Mobile soon. Here’s a write-up about the Windows Mobile support from the Windows Mobile team blog:

As part of PDC , it was announced that Live Mesh will be going into an open Beta over the course of this week. We are pleased to announce that it is live! No pun intended :) For more information about Live Mesh and the Beta, check out the Live Mesh blog and the Live Mesh Web site.

There’s a nice rundown of the install process, plus a fun shot of the Windows Mobile Live Mesh experience:

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