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Knowledge Base

Here’s a report on current Microsoft resources for SQL Server users, plus a list of Knowledge Base articles on the Microsoft site that contain SQL Server-related information.

TechNet SQL Server Technology Center Goes Online

The TechNet SQL Server Technology Center is a useful clearinghouse of resources to help you deploy, administrate, and manage SQL Server. Check out technet/sql/default.htm.

SQL Server Insider

Microsoft’s SQL Server News Web site at sql/news.htm has a new feature called SQL Server Insider ( This monthly feature lets SQL Server users discuss technical matters with the SQL Server developers. For example, the July forum topic was "SQL Server 7.0 Security Melds With Microsoft Windows NT," the August topic was "Simplicity Is The New Watchword for SQL Server 7.0," and the September topic was "English Query Helps Eliminate Report Creation Complexity." Microsoft archives past articles on the site.

Knowledge Base Watch

Here’s a list of new SQL Server-related Knowledge Base articles on the Microsoft site.

Q238206 BUG: Password Dangling and Decrypted When Changing Security Mode

Under certain circumstances, replication might decrypt the password for the SQL User account in the MSsubscriber_info table on a SQL Server 7.0 server. Fix available.
SQL Server
Q238146 BUG: Constraint Violation Not Detected If Update with Same Data

SQL Server 7.0 displays inconsistent behavior compared to version 6.5 and returns an error when you perform an update by setting a column value to itself against a table that contains a foreign-key constraint.
SQL Server
Q237707 BUG: SQL 6.5 Service Pack 5 (SP5) Setup Fails if Setup Path Has a DBCS Character

Running the SP5 Setup.exe in a directory that contains a double-byte character set (DBCS) character in the directory name might produce an error during the installation of the Distributed Transaction Coordinator.
SQL Server
Q237412 PRB: Quick Links from SQL Server 7.0 Support Highlights Page

SQL Server might not appear in the product list on the Support Highlights Page. This article describes a workaround.
SQL Server
Q237411 INF: SQL Server 7.0 Books Online (BOL) Points to Personal Support Page

BOL might incorrectly point you to the support page located at This article describes a workaround.
SQL Server
Q236783 BUG: A Process May Stop Responding Several Seconds with Waittype

SQL Server 6.5 might let a multidatabase transaction wait for up to a minute under high-transaction loads. This article describes a workaround.
SQL Server
Q236447 BUG: ODS Errors During ATTN May Cause SQL Server to Stop Responding

SQL Server 6.5 might allow ODS error 17805 to hang processes and disallow new connections if it encounters the error while processing an attention signal. This article describes a workaround. A fix is available.
SQL Server
Q236443 BUG: SELECT DISTINCT Using Negative Int in WHERE Can Cause AV

SQL Server 7.0 might allow a handled access violation when it encounters a SELECT DISTINCT statement containing a large negative integer value in a clause of the WHERE statement. Fix available.
SQL Server
Q236439 BUG: Memory Leak with DB-Library Connection Using TCP/IP or IPX/SPX

SQL Server 7.0 might allow a persistent 4KB memory leak when it opens a DB-Library connection using the TCP/IP or IPX/SPX network libraries. Fix available.
SQL Server
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