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iPhone OS 4.0

I blogged about this on my Windows Phone Secrets blog, but here's a heads-up about Apple's announcement today with regards to iPhone OS 4.0 for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad:

Apple today unveiled its plans for iPhone OS 4.0, the next major OS for its iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad products. Based on the announcement, they’re making some obvious but important updates to the product and, perhaps for the first time ever, they are clearly responding to their increasingly aggressive competitors, especially Google (Android) and Microsoft (Windows Phone). This shouldn’t be seen as a negative so much as it is a reflection on how mature the iPhone OS has become. (And that it’s competition has finally caught up and in some cases surpassed it.)

Apple being Apple, the product page introducing the new OS exclaims that there are “over 100 new features.” But funky math aside, a more obvious way to examine the big bucket changes is to look at the 7 “tent pole” features (their term) that they called out as being the big deals in this release.

They are ...

Check out the original post for the list, and some discussion.

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