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Fun with headlines, flying home from LA edition

Apple exec sees 'enormous opportunity' for iPod, iPhone and the Mac
Well, that explains why you're in those businesses now, doesn't it?

PayPal warns: Steer clear of Apple's Safari browser
You know you're in trouble when they specifically mention that even Opera is better.

Apple ships Time Capsule
And it's not late because, you know, they reversed time when no one was looking.

The MacBook Air: What a Laptop Should Be
Laptops are supposed to be non-expandable?

Yahoo to SEC: Microsoft bid a 'significant distraction'
Well, thank God for that. It seemed like you guys were ignoring it.

Apple to make iPhone SDK ‘roadmap’ announcement next week
Next week isn't February? Maybe Apple should boot up Time Capsule and fix that.

Tom Brokaw Brings a Conscience to Microsoft Launch
Sadly, he left most of us unconscious in the process. Does anyone have any idea what he was talking about?

Microsoft Enters Virtualization with Windows Server
At least they will in 6 months when they actually ship Hyper-V.

Microsoft still struggling with Hotmail issues
If Microsoft is struggling, imagine how their users must feel.

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