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First hints of Microsoft’s 'fight back' ads appear

Ed Bott blogs about the first signs of Microsoft fighting back against Apple's switcher FUD:

I just noticed this teaser on Microsoft’s home page:

If this is going to be the overall message of Microsoft’s much-vaunted new $300 million ad campaign, it might be money well spent.

As Tim Anderson astutely noted the other day, “Vista is now actually better than its reputation. That’s a marketing issue.” Microsoft’s biggest challenge is to get would-be customers to set aside whatever preconceptions they have and listen to its pitch for Vista. Aligning its most vocal Vista critics with the Flat Earth Society is a clever way to get people’s attention.

Interesting read. This thing better be aggressive though. Microsoft needs to make a mark here.

BTW: 2.5 million Macs were sold in the last quarter. We know that Microsoft sold 40 million Windows Vista licenses in the last 2/3 of that quarter, so that's about 50-60 million units for the quarter. Do the math, flat-earthers.

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