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New & Improved - 30 May 2007

Do You Know Where Your Tape Cartridges Are?
Imation's DataGuard rf Tape Tracking System uses RFID to monitor and track the location of in-transit tape cartridges. Using DataGuard rf, you can scan RFID-enabled tape cartridges to check them in and out as they enter and exit a data center or off-site facility. The turn-key solution logs each transaction and records it in a database that links to your tape-management system. The DataGuard rf system can read up to 20 tape cartridges at a time and provides reporting and auditing capabilities to comply with government regulations. For more information, contact Imation., 888-466-3456

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Collaboration On the Go, 604-685-7962, 866-685-7962
Microsoft's SharePoint platform is gaining tremendous popularity as a rich, Web-based collaboration solution. It's also opened up a fast-growing market for third-party add-ons and related products. One company taking advantage of that market is Colligo Networks, and in a recent talk with our editors, Barry Jinks, president and CEO, discussed why Colligo is excited about this market.

"Colligo was founded in 2000, and our first products were in the peer-to-peer data synchronization area to satisfy a requirement for mobile users who were unable to connect to corporate servers," he explained. "When Microsoft first released SharePoint, we knew that it was going to be big, but it was missing something." Specifically, its offline capabilities were limited.

Early on, the company realized two things. The first was that there was an acute need for an alternative to the Internet for collaboration. The second was that creating such an alternative required access to the server holding the desired information and the ability to make the information available even on desktops that weren't connected to the server.

Realizing that SharePoint could benefit from such an environment, the company developed Colligo Contributor, a product that lets mobile users bring the SharePoint environment to their desktop, use and modify the data it contains, and synchronize that data after reconnecting to the server. A few other third-party products offer capabilities such as using SharePoint files on the desktop or replicating SharePoint sites in a browser, but according to Jinks, only Colligo Contributor brings the SharePoint application, with all its features and functionality, to the desktop. Because the user experience is the same whether the user is online or on a plane, the product gives greater collaboration flexibility to the ever-growing mobile workforce. Colligo Contributor works with Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 and later as well as Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. There is also a free Colligo Reader that lets you read the SharePoint data but not modify it.

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Simplify Network Management
BlueCat Networks announced the Proteus Enterprise IP Address Management (IPAM) Appliance 2.0, which provides centralized management and control of geographically dispersed networks with multiple configurations and IP addresses. Proteus is now IPv4/ IPv6 compliant for DNS and DHCP and includes a discovery toolkit that locates and reports on a network's hosts and routers. A Web-based API enables third-party applications to interoperate with Proteus without using the Proteus GUI. Object-tagging enhancements simplify the organization and management of complex networks. For pricing information, contact BlueCat Networks., 416-646-8400, 866-895-6931

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Take Advantage of Near CDP and True CDP
Mendocino Software announced that its data protection and recovery platform, InfiniView, supports both true continuous data protection (CDP) and near CDP, which provides fewer recovery points than true CDP but also requires less storage. You can configure InfiniView to support either mode or both modes simultaneously. The product lets you, for example, use true CDP early in the data life cycle, then as the data ages, move it to near CDP. InfiniView supports applications such as Oracle, Sybase, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and Exchange Server. For more information, contact Mendocino Software., 510-668-1600

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Protection Against Internet Attacks
Third Brigade's host intrusion prevention system, Deep Security 5, detects and prevents known and zero-day Internet attacks that target your servers. A new recommendation scan identifies applications running on hosts and recommends which of the product's intrusion prevention filters should be applied to them. Deep Security 5's rolebased access allows multiple administrators, each with different levels of permission, to operate different aspects of the system and receive information appropriate to their role. Other significant updates include reports that document attempted attacks and out-of-the-box vulnerability protection for more than 100 applications. Deep Security 5 works on Windows, Linux, and Unix OSs., 613-599-4505, 866-684-7332

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Simplify Enforcement of Security Policies
Active Reasoning System 5 policy enforcement software lets businesses embed IT policy controls within business systems and applications to provide real-time change detection and configuration auditing. The latest version of the product includes Policy Mapping Database, which provides a centralized repository for cataloging, managing, and deploying IT policies and controls; LDAP and SNMP integration; and enhanced security and forensic capabilities. Active Reasoning System 5 can be integrated with change management systems from BMC Software and HP. Contact Active Reasoning for more information and pricing.

Remotely Access and Control Windows Vista Machines
Famatech announced that a new version of its remote-control software, Radmin 3.0, is fully compatible with 32-bit Windows Vista and is four times as fast as earlier Radmin versions. Famatech's DirectScreenTransfer technology receives data directly from Windows before it gets to the video RAM and increases the number of screen updates per second while decreasing use of the CPU and other resources. Radmin 3.0 also includes voice and text collaboration functionality to help you communicate with the person who's operating the remote computer you're connecting to. A new security system features 256-bit AES encryption and Active Directory and Kerberos authentication., 866-602-6412

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