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Microsoft SkyDrive Meets SharePoint

If you've got Microsoft SkyDrive and SharePoint, you might be interested in checking out this Codeplex tool release April 5, 2012, called SkyDrive Connector for SharePoint.

From the description on the site: "SkyDrive Connector for SharePoint is a sandbox web part that can help manage documents stored on SkyDrive on SharePoint by adding additional metadata. This helps the document to be discoverable on SharePoint. Also SkyDrive provides 25GB of free space for live users. In other words, the document or file is physically stored on SkyDrive, referenced in SharePoint. This web part works on Office 365 SharePoint Online and SharePoint On Prem. Please note that the SharePoint site must be on https protocol."

Many technology gurus like SkyDrive. In fact, SharePoint expert Dan Holme wrote this week about it, offering a meaty post rich with resources and tips for the most recently updated Microsoft SkyDrive. Check out his blog post, "Microsoft SkyDrive Update News" and get the latest on how to make the most of your personal cloud.

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