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Calling all SharePoint Admins

Are you looking to connect with SharePoint experts and SharePoint colleagues in a great learning environment? How about taking a getaway to Orlando to attend the SharePoint Connections conference, March 22-25. Each year at this conferrence, SharePoint gurus gather to present a rich set of sessions for IT pros who support SharePoint. One such presenter is SharePoint MVP Robert Bogue.  With a broad set of credentials and experience, Bogue will bring you up to speed on getting the most from workflows, deploying a SharePoint extranet, and steps to make sure your SharePoint implementation is successful.

"First, I'm doing a whole day on bringing data to life with workflows," says Bogue.  "Most companies have developed terabytes of data, but it's static and doesn't really do much.  In my pre-conference session, I'll be covering what you need to know to bring your documents to life with workflows.  It's a complex topic with many facets, but we're going to make sure that you know how to take advantage of the electronic, but unstructured data that you have."

Bogue will also show you what you need to do in order to get an extranet scenario operational--or to deal with authentication in your Intranet environment where you don't use Active Directory (AD).  SharePoint leverages the ASP.NET 2.0 model for pluggable membership and role providers.  "I'll walk through that and give attendees the tools they need to build their own."

Finally, he'll be talking about how to make sure that the attendees' SharePoint projects are successful.  He'll discuss the sorts of things that people need to think about and do in order to have a successful SharePoint implementation.

This is just a small example of the types of information you'll walk away with. And if you're interested development, you're in luck. The conference is being co-located with the DevConnections events covering ASP.NET, Visual Studio, SQL, and other topics, and registrants can freely take in any of the co-located sessions. Check out all the details for SharePoint and DevConnections and reserve your spot now.

And don't forget Windows Connections,  to be held the week prior to SharePoint Connections. SharePoint MVPs Dan Holme and Randy Williams will be presenting several SharePoint sessions. The conference will feature tracks for all things Windows, Exchange and Unified Communications, virtualization, and even Green IT.

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