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Windows Phone Book: Email Chapter is Complete

Windows Phone Book: Email Chapter is Complete

Another chapter of Windows Phone Book is complete in first draft form

Windows Phone Book Chapter 9, Email, is now complete in first-draft form. I’ve added this chapter to the in-progress Windows Phone Book document and will move on to a new chapter.

This update includes introductory material—I’m going to start removing conclusion material from other chapters in an attempt to keep the page count down—and new sections on Email and accounts and viewing attachments.

As noted in previous updates, this chapter was a breeze, and while I’m sure I’ve inevitably left out some content I’ll need to add later, I want to believe that future chapters can come together like this one did: Quickly. I’m not sure what’s next as far as new writing goes, but looking over the TOC, I’m leaning towards Games (Chapter 16) or Internet Explorer (Chapter 11).

But I also need to wrap up that incomplete Videos, and Podcasts chapter. I did previously copy and paste in the content from the appropriate part of Xbox Music Book, and then moved things around as necessary. But I still need to go through it and make sure it makes sense. In fact, maybe I’ll do that next.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Download Email 0.3

Download Windows Phone Book 0.020

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