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What's Hot: Products From Raxco Software, Scooter Software, and NetworkStreaming

Recover Your Systems from Failure

Raxco Software's FirstDefense-ISR is software that lets you recover a failed system when you're faced with OS or software corruptions and problems. You can instantly recover from a corrupted registry or from a virus infected OS or program application and renew your system with all the data intact. You can also use FirstDefense-ISR to roll back your system to a prior service pack when you encounter a problem with a new service pack. You don't need to create additional partitions or perform other modifications to your system. Pricing starts at $44.95 for a workstation download and $344.95 for a server download.

David Ristau of Adamstown, Maryland says that FirstDefense-ISR is a hot product. He says, "FirstDefense-ISR gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I apply Microsoft patches. I know that I can revert my system back 100 percent to its original state if I have any problems."

Product: FirstDefense-ISR
Company: Raxco Software
301-527-0803, 800-546-9728

Compare Files and Folders

Scooter Software's Beyond Compare is a timesaving utility for comparing files and folders on your Windows system. You can use the software to manage source code, keep folders in sync, compare program output, and validate copies of your data. Beyond Compare can create a snapshot of a live directory structure and compare it against the live copy at a later date. You can compare text files, folders, Zip archives, and FTP sites; update Web sites; and merge code changes. You can analyze differences in detail and carefully reconcile the differences. Beyond Compare supports Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/9x systems. Pricing starts at $30 for a 4-user license. Scooter Software provides multiuser site license discounts.

Deanna Williams of Angleton, Texas, nominated Beyond Compare as a product that saves her a lot of time. She says, "Beyond Compare can save an enormous amount of time by comparing specific file contents or directory contents. We use PeopleSoft Financials and frequently use Beyond Compare to move customizations around in .config files. Any programmer would love this tool. The software is simple to use and not expensive."

Product: Beyond Compare
Company: Scooter Software

Remotely Control Any PC

Kevin Graves of Norwich, Connecticut, uses NetworkStreaming's SupportDesk and provides high praise for the product. He says, "SupportDesk is low-cost, remote control support software that's extremely easy to use. The setup was easy. The product lets us remotely control any workstation within our bank. The product also provides the capability to virtually remotely control any PC connected to the Internet, even through a dial-up connection. SupportDesk remotely installs a small file onto the remote PC, which enables a support person to control the PC. Once the support session is complete, the program uninstalls, preventing further access to the user's PC. The other great feature about SupportDesk is the cost. It's available for a low one-time cost and doesn't require ongoing monthly fees. What's more is that the support for this product has been wonderful."

SupportDesk Professional integrates with NetworkStreaming's Gateway appliance and enables on-demand remote support. The support representative logs onto the Gateway in order to become available to remotely support his or her end user. The support representative can logon from any location by running the support rep client via the Gateway's Web interface. SupportDesk Professional licensing is based on the number of concurrent logons, starts at $1295, and requires you to purchase the Gateway. SupportDesk is also available as a hosted service, SupportDesk Hosted, and in a lite version for small businesses.

Product: SupportDesk
Company: NetworkStreaming
866-977-8862, [email protected]

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