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Troubleshooter: Deciding Whether to Install Exchange and Outlook on One System

Does Microsoft support the installation of Exchange Server 2003 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 on the same server? I've heard varying answers.

The Microsoft article "Microsoft does not recommend installing Exchange Server and Outlook on the same computer" ( is unequivocal on the subject: Don't do it. Why not? Both Exchange and Outlook customize the Messaging API (MAPI) stack, but in different ways. Whichever product you install first will be broken by the second product's customization. In any case, my question would be why you want to install both products on the same system. If you're trying to provide email access for your administrators, a better alternative is to use Outlook Web Access (OWA). If you need the ability to create MAPI profiles—because of third-party product requirements, for example—the Microsoft article "How To Create MAPI Profiles Without Installing Outlook" ( describes how to do so by using the Automatic Profile Generator Program (newprof.exe) and other methods, rather than by using Outlook.

If you're determined to install Exchange and Outlook on the same system, only one combination seems to work: Outlook 2002 or Outlook 2000 with Exchange 2000 Server. Still, Microsoft has tested that combination for demonstration purposes only, so if you use the combo on a production system you probably shouldn't expect support from Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS).

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