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Troubleshooter: Capturing Premigration Public Folder Permissions

We're migrating several hundred public folders from Exchange Server 5.5 to Exchange Server 2003. I want to capture the public folder permissions as part of the migration process—but before the actual move—so that I can fix the permissions if something goes wrong during the migration or replication. Do you know of an automated way to do this?

I don't know of an all-in-one way, but you can use two resource kit tools—Microsoft Exchange Public Folder Information Program (PFInfo) and PFAdmin—to capture and import permission data quickly. PFInfo, which you can find in the Microsoft BackOffice Resource Kit, Second Edition, extracts information about a folder's permissions. (The Microsoft article "XADM: Readme Document for the Pfinfo.exe Program" at ?kbid=261093 provides information about using the tool.) You can then use PFAdmin to set the permissions. Be sure to use the Exchange 5.5 version of PFAdmin; the Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2000 Server versions use a different permissions scheme because Exchange 2000 and later add public folder permissions that don't exist in Exchange 5.5. For working with Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2000 public folders, PFDAVAdmin (available from Microsoft's tool library at is the preferred tool and can import the permissions output that the Exchange 5.5 version of PFInfo creates. For more information about using these tools to accomplish your goal, read the Microsoft article "XADM: Extracting Public Folder Permissions Using PFADMIN" (

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