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Severing a Link Between a Note and a Contact

I linked a note in Outlook to a contact. Now I need to unlink it, but I can't find a way to do so. Do I need to delete the note and start over?

Even though the notes in the Notes folder have a minimal UI, you can still link them to contacts as you can other Outlook items. Open the note, click the note icon in the upper-left corner of the item, then click Contacts on the pop-up menu, which Figure 1 shows. In the Contacts for Note dialog box that you see in Figure 2 type a name or email address or click the Contacts button to browse and select the contact you want to link.

To sever the link between the contact and the note, repeat the process of displaying the Contacts for Note dialog box. You can then select and delete the contact that you no longer want to be linked to the note.

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