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Q. Why am I now limited to 10MB email messages after upgrading from Exchange 2000 Server to Exchange Server 2003?

A. Exchange 2003 introduces some default settings that aren't in Exchange 2000, such as a new default maximum sending and receiving message size of 10,240KB. If you've already set a global custom message-size limit in Exchange 2000, this value is maintained after an upgrade to Exchange 2003. However, if you didn't manually set a message-size limit in Exchange 2000, the Exchange 2003 default will take effect, which restricts users to sending and receiving messages of 10MB or less. You can, however, remove the default message size in Exchange 2003, by performing these steps:

  1. Start Exchange System Manager (ESM).
  2. Expand the Exchange organization, then expand Global Settings.
  3. Right-click Message Delivery and select Properties from the displayed context menu.
  4. Select the Default tab.
  5. Select "No Limit" for both the Sending and Receive message sizes.
  6. Click OK.

Instead of removing the message-size limit altogether, you might find it more useful to increase the limit as needed by following the previous steps.

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