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To better determine performance, I shut down unnecessary services (e.g., file sharing) on my host machine during testing. To establish a baseline, I sent out my 4303 messages without using any antivirus software; Microsoft Exchange Server delivered all the messages in 27 minutes. I then installed each product, sent my test messages, then repeated the test and recorded the best delivery time out of the two passes. I also ran an additional test on Sybari Antigen for Microsoft Exchange, changing its bias to Favor Certainty, which gives more importance to accuracy over performance. I used the Exchange Message Tracking logs to determine delivery times. Your production servers will probably see much smaller performance differences than I did in my test environment, which ran the products on virtual machines.

Table A: Performance

  CA eTrust Antivirus Exchange Option* McAfee Active Mail Protection Symantec Mail Security Sybari Antigen (defaults**) Trend Micro ScanMail Suite
Time to deliver all messages 1 hour, 21 minutes 4 hours, 13 minutes 2 hours, 31 minutes 4 hours, 29 minutes**;
5 hours, 20 minutes***
35 minutes
* Using InoculateIT
** Using normal bias (at least two engines)
*** Using Favor Certainty bias (two to three engines)
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