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Outlook T&T: Making an Item's Activities Tab Show the Start Date for Activities

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Why does the All Items list in the Activities tab on an Outlook contact display activities only in past linked appointments and tasks, not in future ones? Can I modify this setting?

The default view for the All Items list shows the Sent date for all items. For messages, that date is the date the sender sent the message; for other items, the Sent date is the date the user created the item. Because the Activities tab shows the Sent date and not the Start date, the tab appears to list only past tasks and appointments.

To see the Start date for appointments, right-click the column headings in the activities list, choose Field Chooser, select All Appointment fields from the drop-down list, and drag the Start field to the column headings. You can do the same thing with the Start Date field or Due Date field from All Task fields. Unfortunately, these changes affect only the current contact. Outlook provides no way to apply them to the Activities tab in every contact. There's another way to see your upcoming tasks and appointments: From the Show drop-down list at the top of the Activities tab, switch from the All Items view to the Upcoming Tasks/Appointments view.44157

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