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Outlook Tips & Techniques: Configuring Alerts for Redirected Incoming Messages

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If you have Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 rules that move incoming messages to a specific folder, you don't get a new-mail notification. Can I remedy this?

The desktop alerts that briefly display information work only with messages saved to the Inbox, but there's no reason you can't also have alerts for items sent to specific folders. The solution is to include the alert as one of the actions for the rule that moves the items. To add an alert to an existing "move" rule, choose Tools, Rules and Alerts; select the rule; then click Change Rule, Edit Rule Settings to display the Rules Wizard. On the wizard's second screen, where you select actions, scroll to the bottom of the list of actions and select the Display a Desktop Alert check box. Click Finish, then click OK to save your rule modifications.

There is one catch to this technique. If you click the desktop alert to read the message, then try to delete it or set a message flag, you'll get a warning that the message has already been moved or deleted. To delete or flag the message, you'll need to open the copy that's saved in the rule-designated folder.

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