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Outlook: Emailing an Outlook Calendar

Can I send my Outlook calendar to someone by email?

When you're working in an Exchange environment, you can let someone access your Calendar simply by granting access on the folder's Properties dialog box. However, you might need to get your calendar information to someone who doesn't connect directly to your Exchange server—either to a colleague who always works offline against their Exchange mailbox or to someone outside your organization.

Outlook doesn't have any built-in method to send a calendar as an email message. However, if you have Microsoft Word, you can use one of several Word templates to pull Outlook data into a Word document, then send that document as an attachment to your email message. Microsoft offers the Outlook calendar template for Word for download at However, I prefer the more versatile My Outlook Calendar ( or Outcal ( templates that support color-coding of categories. You can also generate a Web page from an Outlook calendar with the File, Save as Web Page command introduced in Outlook 2002, but I think a Word document makes a better attachment.

Still another technique is to use a third-party tool. Ivitar Software's ClipForm uses templates to export Outlook data—a whole folder or selected items—to the Windows clipboard, a text file, or an HTML email message.

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