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New & Improved - 29 Nov 2005

Manage Your Assets
New Boundary Technologies released Prism Suite, an integrated desktop and server configuration-management solution that provides asset-management, software-deployment, and patch-management capabilities. The newest addition to the suite is Prism Asset Manager, which provides a detailed, current knowledge base of your company's IT assets. The module helps you plan and budget software and hardware procurement and migration. Prism Suite is offered as an integrated solution for customers who want the full benefits of the suite, or as individual modules for customers who want specific functionality., 612-379-3805, 800-747-4487

Provide Performance and Availability
PolyServe announced that its PolyServe File Serving Solution will bundle and sell as part of the new HP Enterprise File Services Clustered Gateway. PolyServe's software-centric file-serving approach aggregates Intel architecture, Linux-based servers, and networked storage to form a scalable, fault-tolerant, and manageable file-serving platform for both commercial data center and high-performance computing (HPC) applications. The solution integrates a symmetric cluster file system, storage-virtualization software, NFS support, and high-availability services into a single point of management for modularly scalable throughput and storage capacity management., 503-617-7574, 877-476-5973

Diagnose and Solve Your Exchange Problems
Zenprise released Zenprise, a solution that provides real-time, automated diagnosis and resolution of Microsoft Exchange Server problems. By using correlation, causation, and correction technology, Zenprise automatically solves complex Exchange problems. Zenprise can pinpoint the underlying cause of application and performance problems and provides administrators with detailed resolution instructions. Pricing starts at $15 per user per year and includes support, subscription updates, and Zenprise software for as many Exchange servers as are in your organization., 510-979-1705

Product Spotlight
Provide Secure Access to OWA Attachments

Messageware released AttachView 7.0, server-based software that provides increased Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) security features such as RSA Secured certification, corporate device recognition, attachment restrictions, and policy list rulesets. RSA SecurID certification provides two-factor user authentication, requiring users to identify themselves twice before gaining access. Corporate device recognition lets you set broader security policies for users accessing OWA from secure devices. You can protect users from attachment problems by restricting users from adding new attachments. Restricted right-click menu access lets you disable Save, Send To, and Print functions from the right-click menu so that users can’t manipulate attachment and risk security breaches.

Mark Rotman, Messageware president, said, “AttachView 7.0 was a collaborative effort, addressing more of the critical requirements that our large customers requested to take full advantage of OWA. OWA is a great product and we continue to make it better. It’s more secure, and therefore easier for companies to deploy, with valuable productivity features that make the OWA experience more enjoyable for users. Our mission is to provide solutions that organizations require to adopt OWA, enabling secure and productive remote access for everyone, anywhere.”

The newest version also features new productivity improvements. To prevent security threats and protect corporate standards, Messageware AttachView provides secure Web access to OWA email attachments. Messageware AttachView eliminates the need for local versions of the attachment application, providing convenient access to anyone at anytime. You can view and print more than 300 file formats from within OWA., 905-812-0638

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