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New & Improved - 26 Apr 2005

Product Spotlight
PolicyMaker Standard Edition 2.0, 603-433-5885

DesktopStandard (formerly AutoProf) released PolicyMaker Standard Edition 2.0, software that extends Group Policy functionality to let you quickly configure Windows desktops across the enterprise for standardization and security purposes. The newest version features 10 new Group Policy extensions to let you manipulate 10 major Control Panel categories for groups of users or your entire workforce from within Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). The new extensions let you set Power Options policy on the Control Panel to save in energy costs; manage Local Users and Groups; and customize Scheduled Tasks, Folder Options, Data Sources, Network Connections, Start Menu, Device Restrictions, Windows Services, and Regional Options policies. You can also use PolicyMaker as a compliance tool for implementing Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA policies because you can plan settings and reports using Group Policy's Resultant Set of Policy (RsoP) technology.

Eric Voskuil, DesktopStandard CTO, said, "Group Policy is really taking off now that Active Directory networks have reached critical mass and companies are looking to leverage that investment to standardize and secure their computers while bringing them into compliance with new mandates. PolicyMaker leverages the capabilities of Group Policy and GPMC to provide a comprehensive desktop management system that's simply not possible with Group Policy alone."

PolicyMaker Standard Edition 2.0 starts at $14 per seat and includes 1 year of upgrade assurance and free technical support. If you have a previous version of PolicyMaker Standard Edition, you can upgrade for $7 per seat.

Automate Repetitive Outlook Tasks
DS Development released Bells & Whistles 2.5 for Outlook, add-on software that automates repetitive tasks. You can use the software to save time on email replies, track your messages by using tracking IDs and reply counters, write email messages faster, quickly send personalized mass email messages, and manage your Address Book. The software supports Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT/Me/9x systems and costs $19.95. Site licenses are available., [email protected]

Retrieve Lost or Deleted Data
Executive Software released Undelete 5.0, software that can speed up the retrieval of lost or deleted data and adds automatic file versioning to Microsoft Office files. As users modify and save Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint files, Undelete will transparently capture the earlier versions of the files in the exact state they were in before being modified and saved. Undelete supports Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT and is available for $29.95 for the home edition, $39.95 for the workstation edition, and $299.95 for the server edition., 818-771-1600, 800-829-6468

Scan for Network Failures
GFI Software released GFI Network Server Monitor 6.0, software that scans the network for failures. Version 6.0 features a new interface and lets you monitor Linux servers. You can also check the status of a terminal server. The configuration interface lets you organize server-checks into folders. Checks can inherit folder properties such as notifications, maintenance times, and dependencies. Pricing starts at $499 to monitor 10 servers., 919-379-3397, 888-243-4329

Collect and Track Configuration Data
Ecora Software released Ecora Enterprise Auditor 3.5, software that automates the reporting of configuration settings across OSs, applications, databases, and networking devices. Using Enterprise Auditor, you can browse the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) on single Windows machines on the network, and you can select data for reporting, including event-log data, the system serial number, and COM and Distributed COM (DCOM) settings. The newest version supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and Novell. Contact Ecora Software for pricing., 603-436-1616, 877-923-2672

Simultaneously Access 4 PCs
ATEN Technology released the MasterView CS1762 and the MasterView CS1764, 2- and 4-port keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) switches that let you access two and four computers. Both models provide a resolution of 1600 × 1200 and include an internal USB hub to let you connect two peripheral USB devices, such as an external storage drive or printer. Both switches support Digital Video Interface (DVI) devices. Other features include an LED display for monitoring, complete computer emulation for error-free booting, and autoscan mode for monitoring all computers. The CS1762 and CS1764 cost $249.95 and $349.95, respectively., 949-428-1111, 888-999-2836

Manage Enterprise Application Availability
MessageOne released OneSwitch, an automated replication and failover service that manages application availability with the push of a button. The OneSwitch enterprise console gives you a Web-enabled view of all crucial Windows applications including Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server, and IIS. OneSwitch provides controls to initiate failover and failback remotely from any location. Pricing is $150 per server per month., 512-652-4500, 888-367-0777

Manage Continual Change in Your Environment
MKS released the MKS Integrity Suite 2005, enterprise change management software that provides lifecycle coverage in one solution, on one architecture, and on one interface. Users can adjust panes on the screen to view information relevant to their role. The newest release adds integrated requirements management so that developers can collaborate through a single product and common process, a management dashboard for management decision support, and e-signature support for regulated environments. For pricing, contact MKS., 519-884-2251, 800-613-7535

Safeguard and Monitor Your Networks
Neon Software released LANsurveyor 9.0, software that incorporates network documentation, asset management, network monitoring, and vulnerability management features. The newest version includes enhanced network diagrams, alerts, and additional reporting capabilities. Other new features include the ability to switch between map levels, show or hide nodes, find stealth nodes, monitor TCP-based applications, and log nodes on or off the network. LANsurveyor is available in three versions, and pricing starts at $495., 925-283-9771, [email protected]

Buy a Small PC for Your Space-Challenged Environment
Stealth Computer released the LPC-401FS Fanless Little PC, a fanless, noise-free computer that's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The a luminum chassis measures just over 2" tall and weighs 5 pounds. The small PC features a high-shock hard disk with as much as 80GB of storage and a CD-ROM drive. The computer operates from 12 volts, which is ideal for mobile and field deployment. The system is compatible with Windows XP and Windows 2000, or you can preconfigure Linux. Pricing starts at $795., 905-264-9000, 888-783-2584

Recover Your Hard Disk
PTDD Group released Partition Table Doctor 3.0, software that recovers hard disk partitions when you experience a drive error other than hardware failure. The software automatically checks and repairs the Master Boot Record (MBR), partition table, and the boot sector of the partition with the error. Partition Table Doctor can create an emergency disk or bootable CD-ROM to recover the bad partition even if your OS fails to boot. Pricing is $49. The software supports Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT/Me/9x systems., [email protected]

Enhance Email Security and Productivity
Qurb released Qurb 3.0, antispam software that features antifraud and antiphishing protection, antispam enhancements, and an integrated email search capability. The newest version automatically authenticates the source of email messages to block costly scams and security threats that appear to be sent by legitimate companies. Qurb 3.0 also includes features that automatically block email from repeat offenders. Pricing starts at $29.95., 650-286-4287, [email protected]

Solve Your Mobile Computing Needs
Toshiba Digital Products Division released the Tecra S2 notebook series, a scalable, high-performance desktop replacement, mobile computing solution. The Tecra series integrates Intel Centrino mobile technology with a 533MGz front-side bus, integrated wireless LAN (WLAN) and the Mobile Intel 915 Express chipset. The Tecra S2 also features Windows XP Professional Edition, 256MB of memory, a 40GB hard disk, and optional CD-RW/DVD-ROM or DVD-SuperMulti drive. Pricing starts at $944.10., 800-316-0920

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