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New & Improved - 25 Oct 2005

Product Spotlight

Deploy and Manage IT Devices From a Centralized Location, 801-226-8500, 888-252-5551

Altiris Deployment Solution 6.5 from Altiris helps you to deploy and manage servers, desktops, notebooks, thin clients, and handheld devices from a central location. The newest version features speed enhancements, advanced security features, and the ability to manage heterogeneous hardware and software. The solution now supports Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) and Linux as preboot environments to help speed system deployment while supporting removable media and automation partitions in both environments.

Dwain Kinghorn, Altiris CTO, says "Millions of PCs and servers throughout the world are managed with Altiris Deployment Solution. With version 6.5, Altiris has added more speed, expanded heterogeneous device management, and additional security components for easier and more cost effective use. We are working to make manual system deployment and provisioning a thing of the past."

Deployment Solution for Servers 6.5 costs $173 per node with volume discounts available. Deployment Solution for Clients 6.5 costs $47 per node with volume discounts available. Deployment Solution is also available as a component of Client Management Suite, Server Management Suite, and Migration Suite. WinPE is available from Altiris at $2 per node.

View the Performance of Your IT Infrastructure
Klir Technologies released Klir Ops Center and Klir Exec Center. Klir Ops Center provides monitoring, alerting, and analysis capabilities that let you view the performance of your company's IT infrastructure. Klir Exec Center offers financial costing and business-performance indicators to provide a fiscal perspective of IT performance. Klir's offerings are built on the Klir platform, a completely hosted performance and utilization platform. Contact Klir Technologies for pricing., 206-633-1430

Know When You Deviate From Configuration Standards
Ecora announced new features in its Enterprise Auditor software suite, including the ability to add user-defined system information to the Ecora configuration management database. The newest edition also features expanded UNIX and Linux support. Enterprise Auditor automates the data collection and detailed reporting of thousands of configuration settings and changes across OSs, applications, databases, and networking devices. The software generates audit-ready reports about current system configuration settings, system changes, and deviations from configuration standards. Pricing starts at $995 per server., 603-436-1616, 877-923-2672

BlackBerry Users: Protect Against Identity Theft
PortWise announced tokenless two-factor authentication support for Research In Motion's (RIM's) BlackBerry devices, to protect against identify theft without requiring the deployment of dedicated hardware tokens. The PortWise solution lets you access crucial business applications without exposing yourself to security breaches. Two-factor authentication requires users to input a username and password. They are then sent a one-time password that's valid for only a brief period. Contact PortWise for pricing., 650-472-3582

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