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How can I dump out the mailbox permissions on a Microsoft Exchange Server box or bulk change multiple users' attributes at once?

A. It's possible to delegate permissions to other users' mailboxes. If you want to dump these permissions to a file, you can use the tool, which you can download at . This tool has two main purposes: It can dump out the mailbox permissions, and it can bulk change multiple accounts.

  1. After you download, extract the file to a folder and run the ADModify.exe image. On the main application window, click the Modify Attributes button (even though you're not modifying anything).
  2. Select the domain and domain controller (DC) and click the green arrow button to display a domain tree list, as the figure shows. Expand the list and select the container or organizational unit (OU) you want to export and click Add To List. In the right pane, select all the users. Click Next.
  3. Select the Mailbox Rights tab and select the "Export Mailbox Rights" box, as the figure shows. Click Go. You'll notice on this screen that you can bulk change information on multiple users at once, but in this case we're changing nothing and instead just listing mailbox rights.
  4. Click OK and open the newly created mbxrights.xml file (it will be in the same folder as the tool). This file, which the figure shows, is a dump of the mailbox rights.

Notice in this example that DPrince has Read permissions to the Clark Kent mailbox. Remember that applications such as Microsoft Excel can read XML so importing this XML file into Excel will give a column-based view of the data as the figure shows, which might be easier to manipulate. This tool can also bulk enable and disable Messaging API (MAPI) for clients, which might prove useful for many companies going through migrations or upgrades.

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