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Happy Holidays (or not)

Zenprise recently sponsored an Osterman Research study that reveals some alarming trends. According to the survey, "Email Troubleshooting: The Cost and Impact to the Enterprise," companies that have more than 5000 employees spend more than $1 million annually to troubleshoot email problems. Even more alarming: Of the 100 enterprise IT and email administrator respondents, nearly 50 precent said they'll be working this Christmas and New Years because of email problems. (Forty-two percent said that they worked on Christmas at least once in the past 2 years because of an email problem; forty-four percent said they worked on New Years Day.)

The study, conducted in November 2005, provides an analysis of the time and cost spent diagnosing and resolving email problems. A copy of the report is available at

TAGS: Windows 7/8
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