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Exchange Server 2003 SP2 Improves Security

Microsoft released Service Pack 2 for Exchange Server 2003 . The service pack includes a number of new features, including some enhancements to security.

Among the new security features are remote and local data deletion capabilities. Remote data deletion allows administrators delete sensitive data from lost or stolen mobile devices; automatic local data deletion can be triggered by too many failed logon attempts.

The service pack also introduces audit trails that reveal who deleted a public folder, better control over folder replication, new ACL propagation features, and support for certificate-based authentication as well as S/MIME for digital signatures and encryption. The Intelligent Message Filter has also been updated for improved detection of unwanted email.

Before you install the new service pack be sure to read the release notes, particularly since Microsoft said that after installation you cannot uninstall the service pack. Microsoft has also published a Web page for the service pack that contains links to many related articles.

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