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Exchange & Outlook UPDATE, Exchange Edition, December 9, 2004

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PSTs from Discovery to the Archive: white paper

Email Archiving for Any Budget


1. Commentary
- When Tar Is Your Friend

2. Resources
- Test Your AD Knowledge
- Featured Thread: Delayed Outlook Messages
- Outlook Tip: Choosing Calendar Colors

3. New and Improved
- Manage Your Email
- Tell Us About a Hot Product and Get a T-Shirt!


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Read C2C's new white paper, "PSTs from Discovery to the Archive" and find out how you can get PSTs under control. This new paper covers
- assessing the risks associated with PSTs
- alternatives to a PST strategy
- how to locate local or even laptop based files
- user transparency to the discovery & control process
- steps in moving towards a central archive
- action list for addressing PSTs.
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==== 1. Commentary: When Tar Is Your Friend ==== by Paul Robichaux, Exchange Editor, [email protected]

Spammers send spam because they make money at it. In fact, if you ever want to get your blood up, try reading a book such as "Inside the Spam Cartel" (Syngress) or "Spam Kings" (O'Reilly), which detail the myriad sleazy tricks that spammers use. Of course, as an Exchange Server administrator, you already know the number-one trick: Spammers send a lot of mail that contains forged sender and recipient addresses. Even though filtering these bogus addresses is relatively straightforward, doing so consumes your resources, not the spammers, and throwing inbound spam on the floor doesn't do anything to discourage future outbursts.

What if you could make spamming uneconomical for the spammer? If you could somehow make each bogus delivery attempt take an unreasonable amount of time--say, 30 seconds--a spammer who wanted to send your organization 10,000 messages would need a little more than 83 hours to do so. Intentionally slowing down or delaying illegitimate connections is a process known as "tarpitting," and it has an illustrious history. Until now, tarpitting software has generally been available only to UNIX mail administrators. But this week, Microsoft released a Windows Server 2003 SMTP service hotfix that lets you tarpit incoming SMTP messages that have been sent to nonexistent addresses. The change doesn't affect legitimate senders or messages sent by authenticated users, but it drastically affects directory-harvest attacks, password-cracking attacks, and scripted spam runs. The tarpit delay is adjustable, so you can select the degree of punishment you want to hand out to spammers who try to flood your server.

To install the tarpit capability, you need two components. The first is Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-035 (Vulnerability in SMTP Could Allow Remote Code Execution--885881), which fixes a remote code execution vulnerability in the Windows 2003 SMTP server (go to for details). The second component is the hotfix that provides the tarpit support; that fix is available via the Microsoft article "A security update is available to help prevent the enumeration of Exchange Server 2003 e-mail addresses" ( ). After you install these components--which work only on Exchange Server 2003 running on Windows 2003--you can add a new REG_DWORD registry entry, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SmtpSvc\Parameters\TarpitTime. Set the entry's value to the number of seconds of delay that you want to impose on spam requests. After setting the TarpitTime value, stop and restart the SMTP service. That's it!

The tarpit feature works on Windows 2003's SMTP server too, so if you're using it as a front end to your Exchange servers (perhaps with a dedicated SMTP virus scanner), you can still use the feature. However, when you install the feature on an Exchange 2003 server, you can use recipient filtering to gain more granular control.

The tarpit feature doesn't block messages sent to valid recipients, even if those messages are spam, so it isn't a complete antispam solution in and of itself. However, its release as a standalone hotfix bodes well for the kinds of transport control and antispam features we're likely to see in future Exchange releases and shows that Microsoft is paying attention to measures that have been successful in reducing spam in the wider messaging community.


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==== 2. Resources ====

Test Your AD Knowledge Congratulations to the winners of the Windows IT Prolympics. Contestants tested and showed off their Active Directory (AD) prowess by taking a written exam and participating in a virtual-lab skills test.
The gold medal went to Steven Schullo, Hixson, Tennessee. He won a trip to TechEd, a subscription to Windows IT Pro, and an AD t-shirt. Michael Royer, West Hollywood, California, took home the silver medal. He won an iPod, a subscription to Windows IT Pro, and an AD t-shirt. And Nathan Casey, Santa Rosa, California, won the bronze medal and received an xBox, a subscription to Windows IT Pro, and an AD t-shirt. You'll be able to read more about these IT Prolympians in the January issue of Windows IT Pro.
Even though the contest is over, you can still test your AD knowledge and see how you stack up against your peers. Simply go to , download the study guide, then take the written and virtual-lab exams. Challenge yourself and learn at the same time.

Featured Thread: Delayed Outlook Messages
A forum reader is trying to track down the cause of a delay in message delivery to random Outlook users. If you can help or want to join the discussion, visit

Outlook Tip: Choosing Calendar Colors by Sue Mosher, [email protected]

Q: I'm displaying several other users' calendar folders in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. Can I set the color that each one uses?
Find the answer (and links to more great tips) at

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==== 3. New and Improved ==== by Angie Brew, [email protected]

Manage Your Email
Nemx Software released Nemx Power Tools for Exchange 5.0, a suite of content-management components that help you manage email content and keep spam and viruses out of your Exchange Server environment. Power Tools measures the frequency and destination of incoming external email messages and automatically sets up a list of "friendly domains." The product features Concept Manager, a tool that uses thesaurus matching to monitor and block email, based on the entire meaning of a message. You can create and implement Action Handlers to perform multiple actions on any message that's flagged as spam, infected with a virus, or determined to contain content violations. Power Tools for Exchange is available in an Internet edition and an advanced edition. For pricing, contact Nemx Software at 613-831-2010.

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