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DirecTV Introduces "TiVo" Replacement

It's no secret that TiVo's days partnering with DirecTV are numbered, and now DirecTV has launched a $30 million ad campaign to promote its TiVo replacement. DirecTV's new digital video recorder (DVR) is powered by software from NDS, which--like DirecTV--is owned by News Corporation. The DVR was slated to be released in June but was delayed and will finally ship later this month. Initially, the satellite TV operator will offer only a standard-definition model capable of storing 100 hours of recordable content; a high-definition (HD) model will be available in mid-2006. The DVR service will cost $5.99 per month, which is what the company currently charges for the TiVo service. Because DirecTV's contract with TiVo doesn't expire until 2007, DirectTV will continue to offer TiVo's service as well, but the company won't market the offering. DirecTV hopes to do what most other DVR products have had trouble doing: Attract normal consumers, opposed to just early adopters. The ad campaign will try to simply explain the advantages of DVRs, including recording a whole season of shows, and pausing and rewinding live TV.

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