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Determining Who Added a Contact to a Public Folder

We're using Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and sharing our company contacts through a public folder. Is there a way to determine who added a particular contact?

You'll find that this is surprisingly easy to do. You can use the same field that shows the sender of a message in a mail folder to display the creator of a contact (or other type of item) in a contacts folder. Switch to the Phone List view (or create a new table view). Right-click the column headings, and choose Field Chooser from the pop-up context menu. In the drop-down list at the top of the Field Chooser, select All Mail Fields. Drag the From field from the Field Chooser to the column headings of the table view. Then, by clicking From, you can sort by the creator. To view all of a person's contacts together, you can right-click the From field and choose Group By This Field. This technique works in any other Outlook folder as well.

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