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Iron Speed Designer Version 3.0 Released

Iron Speed Designer Version 3.0 Released

Iron Speed announced the release of Iron Speed Designer Version 3.0. This enhanced version of their application generator helps IT departments accelerate the development of Web applications. In a few hours, Iron Speed Designer generates up to 80% of .NET Web applications in an n-tier architecture that includes complex features ranging from a sophisticated Web-based user interface to database transaction management.


Version 3.0 includes 28 new features designed to make Iron Speed Designer easier to use and the generated code easier to understand and customize. To generate full-featured applications with Iron Speed Designer, start with an existing database. Iron Speed Designer then generates n-tier applications, including user-interfaces with advanced data grids and page controls like filtering and search, as well as all the SQL statements and transaction management code.

 One important issue is the ease with which the code in a generated application can be modified. Version 3.0 generates a streamlined, logical, and easy-to-understand class hierarchy.

 One major new feature introduced in version 3.0 is Code Telescope, a tool that combines class browsing with code documentation. Code Telescope shows you an overview of your application s organization and lets you drill down through successive levels to the specific classes and methods, where you can insert code customizations. Simply zoom out to see your application s n-tier architecture; zoom in to see classes, overrides, events, and code documentation. Code Telescope identifies the most important functions, events, and properties and presents them based on the .NET page lifecycle. This makes it easy to figure out where to place your code customizations.

 Modifications can be made to the code at any time, even after code freeze, and changes will be automatically reflected in the next regeneration. Each regeneration preserves any custom code.

 Iron Speed Designer provides more than 20 customizable design themes; sophisticated user interfaces, including intelligent data grid controls, large-list selectors, calendar date-picking controls, menu navigation, advanced field validation, and more; interactive reports with advanced filtering and sorting, full-text search and table pagination; master-detail pages; SQL queries with multi-table joins, virtual primary key relationships, and virtual foreign key relationships; page-based transaction management functionality, including concurrency handling, cursor management, and application security; an extensible class hierarchy built on the .NET Framework base classes; C# and VB.NET code in an n-tier architecture with presentation, application, and database layers; and documentation.

 Iron Speed Designer Version 3.0 is available for free evaluation or download from the company s Web site.


Iron Speed, Inc.

Price: Professional Edition, starts at US$595; Enterprise Edition, starts at US$1,995.

Web Site:


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