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Daily Update: Linkbait Tech Headlines, Microsoft Ventura, More

Good morning.

PC Werld asks, Does Android's Success Show Hope for Windows Phone 7? No, I don't believe so. It just shows that a powerful, innovative incumbent can be pushed aside in an emerging market. The smart phone world going forward isn't the smart phone world of the past few years. This is all new territory.

Silly assertion of the day: Android attacks Windows in the netbook market and may win. Sure. And by the time it wins, there won't be any more netbook market anyway, so whatever.

Finally, something truly interesting: tech spelunker Mary Jo Foley uncovers a Microsoft project, codenamed "Ventura," that may hint at the post-Zune world I've been describing lately. "Does Ventura end up replacing the Zune music/video service?" Foley asks. "The only answer I did get from Microsoft about the future of its Zune service is that the company is“committed to providing a great music and video experience” — which may or may not be Zune — across its various platforms." Hint; It won't be called Zune unless something very dramatic and unexpected happens internally in Redmond.

A few Xbox goodies:

Xbox 360 price cut coming in June? $50 off each console? Me votes yes.

According to the Beyond3D Forums, Microsoft is hiring for the next-generation Xbox video game console. It's mostly high level at this point: "architecture analysis, key technology selection, architecture specification, communication and collaboration."

I get fairly regular emails about a promised version of the Bing search site that is optimized for HTML 5. I'm not sure, but some people have just been eager to use it. Well, it's now available in preview form. Supposedly: It's coming up as a blank white page for me at least.

Apple Will Lose to Android, Says Wikipedia Co-Founder. I'm coming around to the notion that it shouldn't: iOS is the superior smart phone platform overall.

I noted in a recent news story that sources have told me that the first major Windows Phone update, codenamed Mango and due late in 2011, may slip to an early 2012 delivery for customers. This is true in that I've been told this is a possibility by two different Microsoft employees. But now a separate source close to the company tells me otherwise. Could the Windows Phone team actually meet a schedule? Naaah.

And speaking of Windows Phone, the version of Angry Birds that's coming for Windows Phone will apparently have built-in Bing search links so gamers can get help with harder levels. Yawn.

Told you so: AT&T iPhone 4 is faster than the Verizon iPhone 4.

An interesting assertion from a guy with more than his fair share of market failures: Apple and Nintendo changed business, for worse, says EA founder Trip Hawkins.
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