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Daily Update: Hotmail, Windows Weekly Reschedule, Another iPhone 4 Glitch, More

Good afternoon. In a never-ending bid to refine things here, I'm going to be playing with the formatting of the blog headlines and body for a few days, so please bear with me.

Microsoft says it has restored Hotmail access for some users who temporarily lost all of their email.

Because of CES this week, Leo and I are recording Windows Weekly on a different day and time: Tuesday at 12 noon ET (9 am PT). You can follow along live as always, if you'd like.

Yet another iPhone 4 glitch prevented the phone's alarm from working on New Year's. Apple's oh-so-typical response was to not fix the problem because it will resolve itself in a few days; kudos to them for not blaming the users at least. The good news? Unlike the several biggest problems with the iPhone 4, this one is only a software problem and thus easily fixed.

Jean-Louis Gassee will never get over how Apple jilted him and his BeOS for Steve Jobs and NeXT. Which is understandable. But I've always been fascinated by the guy, and given his history at Apple, his opinions do carry some weight. This week, he told CBS News that Apple was repeating the mistakes of the (Mac) past by refusing to license iOS. And I can't say I agree with that. Plus, let's not forget that the Mac has made huge strides in recent years. No, it's nowhere close to where it was when Gassee was at Apple. But the Mac's turnaround is almost miraculous.

The MT shows asks: Who knew that Apple would have a poor shopping experience in the iBook store? Um. Anyone who's actually tried it? Come on. The Kindle experience is only a hundred times better.

5 Fixes for iTunes' Famous Flaws. Number 6: Use Zune.

Could Kinect be Microsoft's iPod? No. That's silly.

Headline of the year? We Will Never Accept Jake Gyllenhaal As A Warrior Prince. But Small Business Owners Are Starting To Accept The Cloud. LOL.
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