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Countersoft Releases Gemini 4.0, Adding Support for Agile Testing

Countersoft, a vendor of project management software and community-based customer support, has released the latest version of its project management platform, Gemini 4.0. With this version, Countersoft has extended Gemini to fully support testing within agile application development environments.

Agile testing lets any team member perform the task that is most suited to their experience. With other project management platforms that don’t support agile testing, team members may not be familiar with the process or systems used to monitor the progress and status of the task. In addition, Gemini’s "nimble" capabilities let companies tailor the software to fit their individual processes.

The Gemini project management platform is highly customizable, allowing a development team to change taxonomy, configure layouts, set permissions, customize workflows, and perform other tasks that support an agile development environment.

“We have close relationships with many agile Gemini users,” said Harvey Kandola, CEO of Countersoft. “We listened to their opinions regarding the transition to agile methods and the challenge of implementing testing with them. With Gemini 4.0, we have developed an easy to use but totally customizable solution that addresses many of the problems that were being expressed.”

Pricing begins at $399 for a five-user installation. To learn more about Gemini 4.0, visit the Gemini webpage.

Blair Greenwood, Editorial Intern, Penton Media IT & Developer Group

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