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Wrapping SharePoint Content for Security

The document control solution WatchDox now integrates with SharePoint to protect documents in what WatchDox marketing VP Adi Ruppin says is a unique way. "Most data protection management solutions are about protecting at a site and involve integrating with AD. This is different. It's all about how you share it externally."
"Securing the information should be persistent--it must be document-centric," Ruppin says, giving a typical example of research firms sending out thousands of weekly reports a week to subscribers, and wanting to make sure they're not shared. "We wrap documents in a seamless way so people can't copy them."

WatchDox offers a cloud-based service, or, alternatively, an on-premises solution that's an appliance. An organization can use it with a centrally managed policy or individuals can set individual policies by document. The document is uploaded to the WatchDox server, encrypted, and converted into different formats for different devices or optimized for online viewing. When someone wants it, they are given it in the form they need, with a WatchDox wrapper and encryption.
The solution supports Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images, and can persistently protect even after download. Documents are tracked and an audit trail is maintained, and the administrator can remotely destroy any document, even after it has been shared and downloaded outside the organization.

The licensing model varies, and can be based on a per-user fee, on recipients, or on how many will be actually sending documents. To learn more, see the WatchDox website.

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