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SharePoint Newsday: Backup, EU Court, Semantics, and Office 365

SharePoint Newsday: Backup, EU Court, Semantics, and Office 365

What's new in SharePoint: solutions for backup, semantic intelligence, esignatures, Office 365, and a mobile application collaboration platform.

Tuesdays--a day for meetings and for releases. Plus your three-day weekend is over. Sorry.

Here's what's in the news: SharePoint backup, a mobile collaboration platform you've never heard of, some lawyers get FAST search, and a signature solution even your realtor can't screw up.

Backup for SharePoint

Metalogix today announced the launch of its SharePoint Backup 4.0, which supports full farm backup and granular content recovery for SharePoint 2010 and 2013. Also included with the launch is an offer that lets you replace a current backup product with SharePoint Backup 4.0 at half the cost of your backup maintenance fee. To learn more about SharePoint Backup, visit Metalogix.

A Collaboration Mobile Platform for Teams

Zula, a cross-platform mobile app for unified communications and collaboration, was dubbed best-in-class growth solution provider for Frost & Sullivan's Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) Community and Global Congresses Growth Alliance Partnership. Zula enables collaboration inside and outside an organization, with the ability to share and review documents, conduct real-time polls, chat, and launch VoIP teleconferences. Visit Frost & Sullivan's Growth Partnership Services site and Zula to learn more.

Semantic Intelligence and SharePoint

Semantic software company Expert System, recently enhanced its SharePoint integration solution and now will increase its US investment after raising funds on the Italian stock exchange. Its Cogito semantic technology helps you extract meaning and context from information. The solution is designed to strengthen the analytic capabilities of existing platforms, including SharePoint. To learn more, see Expert System.

Microsoft FAST and SeeUnity Power Search for Court

Member lawyers with the European Court of Human Rights should be able to more easily find information in the future, as the entity has deployed a custom search portal powered by Microsoft FAST. The portal targets legal libraries, stored in an external OpenText eDOCS DM5 system. To facilitate the integration between them, the Court selected SeeUnity's Enterprise Search for FAST. The Court IT head noted the native API integration, which allowed configuration of FAST to access not just eDOCS content, but metadata and security. A case study is available at SeeUnity.

Signature App Within Office 365

Microsoft and DocuSign announced a long-term strategic partnership to make DocuSign's eSignature apps widely available from within Office 365. DocuSign's eSignature apps for Office 365, available in the Office Store in early March, will provide customers with the ability to submit and sign documents without leaving Microsoft applications. To learn more, see DocuSign.

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