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SharePoint Agenda: What's Happening Feb. 17-21?

SharePoint Agenda: What's Happening Feb. 17-21?

SharePoint disaster recovery, Honolulu, SPC14, and jokes. A good start! And a request.

What’s on the agenda for the week of Feb. 17, 2014?

If you work with SharePoint in the northern hemisphere, chances are you’ve been dealing with an excess of some form of water—or the opposite: a lack thereof.

Aside from my sympathies, I can remind you about Paul Swider’s eternally useful SharePoint jokes list. Here’s one I’ve always liked:

I told my boss that everyone hates SharePoint. He said I was being ridiculous… everyone hasn’t used it yet.

Or this one:

The SharePoint consultant who laughs last probably made a back-up AND tested the restore!

Along those lines… How’s your disaster recovery plan for SharePoint? 

I’ve been thinking I should ask Randy Williams to write an updated article on DR—his last one was a good one, on SharePoint 2010.  Yes, that link is to Windows IT Pro, our sister site—they borrowed it and have yet to give it back. (I guess I need a lesson of my own in "recovery.")

Meanwhile, Todd Baginski is working on his next piece: a blog post about SPC14 that will be very useful to conference attendees.

And I’ll be pointing out some more SharePoint and collaboration influencers in an upcoming post.

I made a list of SharePoint influencers for my new boss, Joe Panettieri, who runs Talkin Cloud  and the Var Guy, among other things at Penton. Recently, I compared my list for Joe to SharePoint vendor’s  list of nominees for its annual Top 25 influencers.  

I’m happy to say we agree on quite a few names, but we also differ. Which is good, I think.

Mid-week we’ll be polishing the SharePoint security e-learning that we’re putting together for mid-March—more later on that. And we’re gearing up for April and May e-learning as well!

Lastly, I can't miss SharePoint Saturday in Honolulu on, um, Friday. Hmm. Darn it, I have a date at a desk in Colorado then. But tell us if you're going--go ahead, rub it in.

Is there a SharePoint topic that’s been obsessing you? Tell us in the comments below or ping us, [email protected]. And finally, I hope this week is kind to you.


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