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Have you ever had one burning SharePoint question One ITDev Connections attendee did
<p>Have you ever had one, burning SharePoint question? One IT/Dev Connections attendee did.</p>

IT/DevConnections: Answering That One Burning SharePoint Question

The standard question I ask participants at any SharePoint conference I attend is “How’s your conference going?”

I asked it constantly at the IT/Dev Connections Conference last fall.

People would tell me stories about what SharePoint sessions they'd been to, or the fact that they got to actually talk to a SharePoint guru, or share what swag they'd found, or what show they'd seen.

But one attendee told me "As far as I'm concerned, I can go home now."

"What!?" I had to hear more. Was something wrong?

Actually, nothing was wrong. In fact, “The conference has been amazing,” the SharePoint architect/developer/admin—‘I do it all’—said.

“I had one question—one question that I haven’t been able to answer. Not in the forums, not from consultants. It’s been holding us back. And I got it answered the first day.”

She went on to talk about the question. Being an English major with a second degree in art, I understood it only in theory.  

But what I was really curious about was, How did you get the answer?

When I asked, she said she'd gotten the answer from Scot Hiller, in his workshop.

Scot, as you might know, is a SharePoint MVP who has trained many a SharePoint professional, and speaks and writes with well-earned authority. 

What you might not know is that Scott was also instrumental in deciding which of the many speaker proposals would be accepted for the SharePoint track at IT/Dev Connections last year.

This year’s IT/Dev Connections Conference in Las Vegas is Sept. 15-19, and Scot will again be conference chair of the SharePoint track.

The event is slated for the ARIA Hotel, which is new to me and probably to many Las Vegas technology conference attendees.

There, I’ll be asking that question—“How is your conference going?” of everyone I see.

I’m expecting some more great answers. And it sounds like you can, too.



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