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Windows IT Pro Resources for Women in IT

     We here at Windows IT Pro have been thinking a lot about how we can provide some of the support and resources that women IT professionals might need. One step we've taken is to set up the Women's IT Forum. Head on over to our Forums section and take a look (you'll find the forum under the General forum category). We've got some great discussions going, and forum moderator LLP is busy responding to queries and suggestions for improvement and expansion.
     We'd like to know about the kinds of resources--both technical and personal-- that would help you most as women IT professionals. Let us know your thoughts--what you need, what you want, what would help you succeed. Contact us however you'd like to, by leaving a comment to this blog, posting a forum comment, contacting any of our editors via email. We really get a kick out of hearing from you, and we're excited about the prospect of partnering with you to build a women's resource center that meets your needs.

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