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Will Virtual Machines Fade Out for Containers and Serverless?

Functions that were primarily the domain of VMs are being picked up by other resources, but does that mean the end for virtual machines?

An idea is gaining momentum that the future of digital transformation, migration, and development may focus on containers and serverless computing. Whether that means virtual machines will face their sunset is up for debate with players such as Dell Technologies and Onica offering different perspectives.

“Virtual machines are no longer the preferred way to adopt the cloud and in general no longer the preferred way to build applications,” says Tolga Tarhan, CTO of cloud native services company Onica.

He also asserts that new applications are not built with the intent for them to run on virtual machines. “You probably use containers and serverless from day one and not consider another model,” Tarhan says. Containers, he says, can fill an increasingly important part of the migration story. “By the time we get to next year, the only workloads people will consider migrating VM-to-VM are those workloads that are going to be end of life soon.” Organizations may find that in such cases, the investment to switch to containers is not reasonable, Tarhan says. Anything that has longevity should get containerized on the way to the cloud, he says.

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