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What are the additional drivers that I can add to my Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 OS Deployment Feature Pack Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) used for?

A. When you create the SMS OS Deployment capture and installation CD-ROMs, you can opt to install additional network and storage drivers (which aren't included with Windows XP Service Pack 2--SP2). These drivers enable the WinPE environment to fully communicate with the network and storage resources from the booted computer. The additional drivers aren't passed to the OS that's being deployed; you need to include drivers for the OS with the OS image that you capture. If you install the new OS to a new hardware platform that requires additional network or storage drivers, you need to create a new OS image that includes the drivers or create a custom WinPE-based process that injects the new drivers into the OS after it's deployed to the new hardware, but before it's booted.

When specifying the additional drivers for the WinPE, the specified location for the network drivers doesn't require a txtsetup.oem file to be present. Also, no subfolders are searched, so all the required drivers must be in the root of the location pointed to. The storage driver location does require a txtsetup.oem file to be present, and if you have multiple storage drivers, you need to combine the txtsetup.oem files from each driver into one file.

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