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Year in Review
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Top 10 Stories about Compute Engines, Linux in 2022

ITPro Today’s most-read articles about compute engines featured news about geopolitical competition and tips for using Linux.

The compute engine industry underwent plenty of changes this year. Stories about geopolitical jockeying, a new Kubernetes-based startup, and moves by vendors such as Microsoft sparked reader interest. Readers also sought how-to articles about Linux.

Review ITPro Today’s 10 most-read articles about compute engines and Linux in 2022.

1. How To Create Ubuntu Virtual Machines the Easy Way

Tech expert Brien Posey wrote about Microsoft’s simple process for deploying Ubuntu virtual machines. Read this step-by-step guide for setting up Ubuntu on a Windows 10 desktop.

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2. China Orders Government, State Firms to Dump Foreign PCs

In May, China announced a campaign to replace imported technology in its central agencies and state-backed corporations with local alternatives. The move, which affected HP Inc. and Dell, came amidst China’s long-term effort to reduce its dependence on foreign-branded PCs. 

3. Windows Server 2022 Features: Adjust Storage Repair Speed

Windows Server 2022 offers the ability to increase or decrease storage repair speed. In this how-to article, readers learned how to configure storage repair speed using either the Windows Admin Center or Powershell commands.  

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4. What Is Ubuntu?

This technical explainer introduces readers to the open source operating system Ubuntu, focusing on the benefits of Ubuntu Desktop. Read the pros and cons of Ubuntu.

Brien Poseyview of Ubuntu Desktop

A look at the GUI interface of Ubuntu Desktop


5. Acorn Labs: Rancher Co-Founders' New Kubernetes Startup

ITPro Today contributor Christine Hall reported on the launch of Acorn Labs, a new Kubernetes-based venture by the co-founders of Rancher Labs. Acorn Labs founders Sheng Liang and Darren Shepherd discussed returning to their entrepreneurial roots and how they’re preparing Acorn Labs for the spotlight.

6. 5 Tips to Avoid Open Source Licensing Infringement

Open source code is a tremendous help to developers’ projects but comes with the risk of licensing infringement. Here are five tips to help you avoid legal issues when using open source code.

7. Microsoft Build 2022: Nadella’s Top Announcements

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the general availability of Azure Container Apps, a Kubernetes-based computing framework, at Microsoft Build 2022. Read about the launch and more in this roundup of conference highlights.

MicrosoftSatya Nadella at Microsoft Build 2022

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at Microsoft Build 2022


8. Liberty Mutual’s Container Deployment – From Docker to Kubernetes

ITPro Today contributor Karen D. Schwartz examined Liberty Mutual’s early bet on container technology, which evolved from Docker to Kubernetes. Find out why Kubernetes is the current standard at Liberty Mutual and how the insurance company plans to push the technology beyond its role as a container orchestrator.

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9. Biden Signs Chips Bill, Unleashing Funding for US Production

President Biden signed the Chips Bill into law in August, allocating more than $50 billion dollars for semiconductor research and development. The legislative move is part of the Biden administration’s campaign to reduce dependence on Asian suppliers like Taiwan and South Korea. 

10. Rocky Linux Releases Its RHEL 9 Clone and a Build Platform

The Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation belatedly released Rocky Linux 9 in August, an open-source clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, with added support for IBM Power and Z systems. Here’s what’s under the hood of Rocky Linux 9, which includes security and networking changes. 

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What were the big changes your organization made around compute engines and Linux in 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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