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Review Roundup

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ManageSoft Refresh
Contact: ManageSoft * 617-532-1600, 800-441-4330
Price: Starts at $29,000 for 1000 PCs; volume discounts available
Pros: Provides an easy-to-use process for migrating users to new computers and for later reconfiguring those computers; integrates with existing administrative support systems
Cons: Includes the ManageSoft core product, which increases the cost; high learning curve because of all the implementation options
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Reviewer: John Green
Recommendation: Highly recommended for large organizations with ongoing computer replacement projects
InstantDoc ID 47680

CodeWallet Pro 2005
Contact: DeveloperOne
Price: $29.95
Pros: Secures personal and business data on your mobile device; synchronizes easily with your desktop.
Cons: UI requires a little getting used to; synchronization is manual
Rating: 4 out of 5
Reviewer: John Howie
Recommendation: For users who carry sensitive personal or business information, CodeWallet Pro 2005 provides an effective means to secure that data from thieves.
InstantDoc ID 47681

HP ProLiant DL585
Contact: HP * 800-752-0900
Price: Starts at $9905; tested configuration, $27,521. Base price includes two 2.2GHz AMD 848 Opteron processors, 2GB of RAM, and two 1GB Ethernet adapters. Tested configuration includes four 2.4GHz AMD 850 Opteron processors, 16GB of RAM, four 36.4GB Utlra320 SCSI drives, and four 1GB Ethernet adapters.
Pros: Rugged construction, ultra high performance, 64-bit compatibility, built-in systems management tools
Cons: CD-ROM drive instead of DVD-ROM; no USB ports on front fascia
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Reviewer: Michael Otey
Recommendation: The system's 4-way Opteron configuration makes it blindingly fast, and with support for as much as 64GB of RAM, it offers enterprise-class scalability in a rugged, well-designed package.
InstantDoc ID 4768
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