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Paul’s Picks - 28 Feb 2006

Summaries of in-depth product reviews on Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows

Microsoft Office 12 Beta 1

PROS: Innovative new interface exposes functionality better than ever
CONS: Buggy; not feature-complete; some earlier functionality hidden
RATING: 3 out of 5
RECOMMENDATION: Selling Microsoft Office upgrades to the enterprise has been tough, so Microsoft has finally created an upgrade that's useful. Code-named Office 12, this innovative product suite replaces the toolbars and menus from previous versions with a context-sensitive UI. Although Beta 1 of Office 12 is rough and incomplete, it offers a glimpse of Microsoft's future plans for the suite. This Office upgrade is worth a look.
CONTACT: Microsoft * 800-426-9400 *

Microsoft Office Live

PROS: A competent set of online services that will excite small businesses
CONS: Not useful for larger businesses
RATING: 4 out of 5
RECOMMENDATION: Microsoft Office Live is rolling out later this year, but the beta is available with Web, business management and automation, and intra-company collaboration services mostly targeted at small businesses. Office Live Basics offers a free (but advertiser-supported) Web site, domain name, and 5 email accounts. Office Live Collaboration charges a subscription fee and offers business applications and intranet/extranet services. Office Live Essentials comes with a Web site, domain name, 50 email accounts, storage, business applications, and intranet/extranet offerings.
CONTACT: Microsoft * 800-426-9400 *
FULL REVIEW: http://www.winsupersite. com/article/reviews/office-live-preview.aspx

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