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New & Improved - 26 Jul 2005

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Improve Exchange Performance
Email CONTROL! Desktop Edition for Microsoft Exchange, 781-694-2200

DYS Analytics released Email CONTROL! Desktop Edition for Microsoft Exchange, software that helps you to diagnose, localize, and troubleshoot Exchange performance problems. The solution provides operational insight to accelerate problem resolution, clean up servers, and assess which users are misusing the system. The software can also help you to speed migrations to Exchange 2003 and validate server consolidations. You can improve performance and free server capacity when disk space is full or email operations are slow. Enhanced security features let you see which users are emailing with whom and proactively explore who is doing what on the servers. You can also resolve mailbox problems, examine mailbox use, identify abandoned mailboxes, and assess quota-resizing needs. Email CONTROL! Desktop Edition for Microsoft Exchange also lets you answer management queries and create reports that objectively display detailed data.

Andrew Wolff, DYS Analytics vice president, said, "DYS has gained a wealth of Microsoft Exchange experience since the debut of the enterprise-class Exchange versions of our CONTROL! products over two years ago. Mid-tier organizations using Microsoft Exchange have a need for fast, easy visibility into email usage and real-time discovery of email issues. DYS' Email CONTROL! Desktop Edition gives IT staff insight that they can't gain with any other product through our unique combination of real-time and historical analyses as well as ability to generate and track a variety of synthetic transactions."

Email CONTROL! Desktop Edition is composed of two components: TrackNOW! and InvestiageNOW!. TrackNOW! performs real-time analysis and looks at user transactions. TrackNOW! reports the status of selected messages and end-users. You can use TrackNOW! to determine whether a message was actually sent, delivered, or is in transit. InvestigateNOW! provides historical reporting with over 100 existing reports. You can use this feature to find out who is using email the most, how much personal email a user is sending and receiving, who is sending/receiving email from specific "" addresses, and find out about abandoned email accounts and mailboxes that you can clean. Pricing is $4995 per installation.

Address Patch-Management Concerns
Ecora Software released Patch Manager 4.0, patch-management software that provides single console, agentless, and agent-based deployment options to deliver complete patch management to enterprise computing environments. Features include Sure-Scan to ensure accurate analysis of missing patches using registry and file integrity checks; 3-D Patch Views to quickly show what patches are missing and/or installed by host, application, or specific patch; Reporting Center provides Web-based, graphical reports to monitor ongoing patch remediation and compliance with corporate patch policies; and Policy Manager to help ensure compliance with corporate patch policies with a point and click user interface. Pricing starts at $25 per node., 603-436-1616, 877-923-2672

Recover from Hard Disk Failure
Kanguru Solutions released Kanguru PC Clone Kit, a backup solution that lets users create an exact copy of their hard disk. The hard disk cloning system lets users recover without having to restore image files or use recovery CDs to boot. You can also use the kit to upgrade a hard disk to a larger capacity by cloning the existing hard disk onto an 80, 120, 200, or 250GB hard disk. The Kanguru PC Clone Kit operates on Windows XP/2000/98 and includes an IDE hard drive and USB 2.0 to IDE adapter. For pricing, contact Kanguru Solutions., 508-376-4245, 888-526-4878

Encrypt Only Sensitive Information
nCipher announced that its database security solution, SecureDB, now supports IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server. SecureDB protects sensitive "data-at-rest" within multivendor database environments. SecureDB lets users encrypt just the sensitive information in a company's database, leaving non-sensitive information unencrypted. Through column-level encryption, you can protect selected data records, not only from external attack, but also from authorized database users without correct permissions. This ensures separation of duty between database administration and security officers. For pricing, contact nCipher., 781-994-4000, 800-624-7437

BlackBerry Users: Access Microsoft CRM Data
TenDigits Software released MobileAccess for Microsoft CRM, software that lets BlackBerry users immediately access Microsoft CRM data. The BlackBerry device and the office system both store changes to data. The interface lets you access data even when offline, and you can work with and navigate to multiple records simultaneously. MobileAccess for Microsoft CRM is secure, leverages BlackBerry Triple DES and AES security, and also uses Active Directory (AD) advanced directory and security features. Contact TenDigits Software for pricing., 866-860-7155, [email protected]

Notebook Technology with Tablet PC Functionality
Toshiba's Digital Products Division released the Tecra M4, a Tecra-branded convertible Tablet PC that integrates pen-based computing with the functionality synonymous with Tecra notebook computers. Users can work with a traditional keyboard or rotate and fold the screen down for use as a Tablet PC with digital pen-based input and control. The Tecra M4 comes with Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 so that users can write, draw, edit, and record audio notes. The computer also features an Intel Pentium M processor and Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005. Contact Toshiba for pricing., 800-316-0920

Recover Exchange Data
Mimosa Systems released Mimosa NearPoint for Microsoft Exchange Server, a unified data management solution that focuses on email recovery, storage optimization, legal discovery, and regulatory compliance. Mimosa NearPoint provides immediate mailbox and message recovery, disaster recovery, email archiving, and self-service search and access. Other features include self-service archival access for end users and discovery capabilities for auditors. Pricing starts at $9995., 408-970-9070, [email protected]

Create a Library of Virtual Machines
VMware released VMware Workstation 5, desktop virtualization software that lets you create a library of virtual machines (VMs) for x86 OSs including Windows, Linux, Netware, and Solaris x86 that resemble production environments. The new features in Workstation 5 combined with memory-sharing technology lets you provision multitier applications and simulate real-world deployment scenarios on developer desktops. You can deploy VMs created with VMware Workstation to VMware GSX Server and VMware ESX Server platforms. Once deployed on GSX Server or ESX Server, VMware VirtualCenter can manage these VMs. Pricing is $189 for electronic download and $199 for the boxed version., 650-475-5000, 877-486-9273

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