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JSI Tip 1908. Another way to replace inuse files.

In tip 0181, I described a method to replace inuse files.

If you only have a few:

Inuse.exe provides individuals and administrators with "on-the-fly" capability to replace files that are currenly in use by the operating system. Although this behavior is generally accomplished by running a program's setup program or a service pack's upgrade program, the setup and upgrade process tends to replace multiple files. However, for troubleshooting purposes, you may need to replace an individual file on your computer versus an entire set of files. The Inuse program provides this level of administrative flexibility.


INUSE  source  destination  \[/y\]

 source         Specifies the updated file
 destination    Specifies the existing file to be replaced
 /y             Suppresses confirmation prompt to replace file
 /?             Displays syntax help

 Source and destination must include the complete physical or UNC pathname
where the destination is the locked file.

NOTE: You can not run INUSE to reverse your action.

NOTE: Changes do not take effect until you reboot.

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