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JSI Tip 1895. Enumerate user rights in a logon script.

RIGHTS.BAT uses Whoami to set the RGHT environment variable with the 23 user rights.

In tip 1891, we introduced Whoami.

RIGHTS.BAT uses Whoami to set the RGHT environment variable with the 23 user rights.

You can store the Username and %RGHT% in a network share, for subsequent production of a rights report, or you can test for a right and take an action based upon its' state.

Example - To test if the user has the right to change the system time:

call right
if "%RGHT:~2,1%"

"O" @echo Yes

NOTE: We can see from the script that the right to change system time is R03.
The general form of the expression is %RGHT:~(Rnn - 1),1%.

RIGHT.BAT contains:

@echo off
For /f "Tokens=1-2 Delims

" %%i in ('whoami /priv') do call :parse %%i %%j endlocal & set RGHT=%R01%%R02%%R03%%R04%%R05%%R06%%R07%%R08%%R09%%R10%%R11%%R12%%R13%%R14%%R15%%R16%%R17%%R18%%R19%%R20%%R21%%R22%%R23%&goto end :parse set onoff=%1 set onoff=%onoff:~1,1% if "%2"

"SeMachineAccountPrivilege" set R01=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeBackupPrivilege" set R02=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeSystemtimePrivilege" set R03=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeCreatePagefilePrivilege" set R04=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeCreatePermanentPrivilege" set R05=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeDebugPrivilege" set R06=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeRemoteShutdownPrivilege" set R07=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeAuditPrivilege" set R08=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeIncreaseQuotaPrivilege" set R09=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeIncreaseBasePriorityPrivilege" set R10=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeLoadDriverPrivilege" set R11=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeLockMemoryPrivilege" set R12=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeSecurityPrivilege" set R13=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeSystemEnvironmentPrivilege" set R14=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeProfileSingleProcessPrivilege" set R15=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeSystemProfilePrivilege" set R16=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeAssignPrimaryTokenPrivilege" set R17=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeRestorePrivilege" set R18=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeShutdownPrivilege" set R19=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeTakeOwnershipPrivilege" set R20=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeCreateTokenPrivilege" set R21=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"

"SeTcbPrivilege" set R22=%onoff%&goto end if "%2"=="SeChangeNotifyPrivilege" set R23=%onoff%&goto end goto end R01= Add workstations to domain R02= Back up files and directories R03= Change the system time R04= Create a pagefile R05= Create permanent shared objects R06= Debug programs R07= Force shutdown from a remote system R08= Generate security audits R09= Increase quotas R10= Increase scheduling priority R11= Load and unload device drivers R12= Lock pages in memory R13= Manage auditing and security log R14= Modify firmware environment values R15= Profile single process R16= Profile system performance R17= Replace a process level token R18= Restore files and directories R19= Shut down the system R20= Take ownership of files or other objects R21= Create a token object R22= Act as part of the operating system R23= Bypass traverse checking :end

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