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JSI Tip 1816. IE 4.0 installation is incomplete, on Terminal Server?

If you upgrade Terminal Server's installation of Internet Explorer, you may receive:

Internet Explorer Installation is Incomplete

if you first installed IE when you installed Terminal Server.

When you setup additional components, you may be told that setup did not install:

Internet Explorer Direct Animation.
Internet Explorer Classes for Java.

When you restart, you may be told that you had a JAVA installation failure.

The above problems are symptomatic of not having used Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs to perform the upgrade.

To workaround the problem, remove IE using Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs.

Download IE, or copy it from a CD-ROM, to a network share or to the local hard drive.

Use Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs to click Install / Next / Browse and locate the IE<x>setup.exe file from the previous step. Select the IE<x>setup.exe and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the install.

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