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JSI Tip 1807. My printer works, but the colors aren't right?

If your printer's colors do not render correctly, you could have the wrong printer driver installed, or your printer driver may be corrupted.

To determine what the proper driver should be, browse to the %SystemRoot%\INF\Ntprint.inf file and open it in NOTEPAD.EXE. Search for your printer's manufacturer and model number. My HP1600C is listed as:

"HP DeskJet 1600C"                                     = PCL5EMS.DLL
where PCL5EMS.DLL is the printer driver.

Use Start / Settings / Printers and right-click the printer. Click Properties. The existing driver is listed on the General tab in the Driver: text box. Press the New Driver button and follow the dialog. Choose Replace existing driver. When finished, restart your computer, and since you had to mount your Windows NT CD-ROM, reapply your latest service pack.

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