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JSI Tip 1793. Access is denied. You don't have permissions or the file is in use?

If you receive:

Access is denied. You don't have permissions or the file is in use.

when attempting to delete a file, either:

1. You don't have permission.

2. The file is in use.

3. The file name is a reserved word.

4. The file is corrupt.

To resolve the issue, do the following until the file is deleted:

1. Grant yourself Change permission (and take ownership) and try to delete the file.

2. Use NTHANDLE.EXE from Systems Internals to determine who/what has the file open. Close the process and delete the file.

3. Use tip 0167 to delete the reserved word file name.

4. Install an alternate copy of NT and boot it. Delete the file. Use Control Panel / System / Startup to make your primary Windows NT install the default. If you wish to keep the alternate install, you can compress its' folder. If you wish to delete the alternate install, type Attrib -r -h -s c:\boot.ini. Edit boot.ini and remove the two entries for the alternate install. Delete the folder that contains the alternate install.

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