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JSI Tip 1738. Windows NT PE_INFIS.4608 virus.

  Virus Name:     PE_INFIS.4608  
  Alias:     WinNT.Infis.4608  
  Language:     English  
  Virus Type:     File Infector  
  Platform:     Windows NT 4.0  
  Size of Virus:     4608 bytes  
  Date of Origin:     October 1999  
  Seen in the Wild:     Yes  
  Trigger Date:      Any Day  
  Description:     PE_INFIS.4608 is a new WinNT virus
  that infects EXE files in WinNT environments only.
  This virus corrupts many of the files it infects.
  You can restore the file manually.
  Infected files won't run.  
  Details:     When executed, the virus places INF.SYS,
  a memory resident driver that contains the entire virus code,
  in the %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers folder.  

See if your anti-virus vendor has an update.

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